Tech Trek Blog: Day 1 :)

I had a pretty good day. It was exhausting, because in the morning we had breakfast, (which was the longest line for food I’ve ever seen), and then we went right to Cyber Security class for three hours; those three hours went by pretty fast actually, we played confusing coding games that were fun but super difficult. We went straight to lunch after that, we got ice cream from the ice cream machine, which was nice. We went to the planetarium after lunch which was absolutely stunning, we looked at constellations and watched a planetarium show after we simulated New Horizons’ journey to Pluto. All that was super fun, but super tiring counting on how I didn’t get much sleep.

I learned that NASA actually knows about two other solar systems! The narrator of the planetarium show talked about how Pluto is almost all ice. Cyber security is really interesting, actually; passwords are fun to come up with, cracking them on the other hand. The only goal I made was to attempt to make friends, which I have already accomplished. The food was good, The lines for the food were Really long and Mary, Josephine and I decided to wait to get in line until it died down a bit, to our disappointment the line only got longer, it got so long that it zig-zagged through the whole dining hall, we eventually got some food thankfully. I made a few friends, Josephine, Mary and Ash. They’re cool, it’s a little hard for me to open up though. (I’m working on that skill, the friends that are super close I’ve known for over 2 years at least).

I still have my heart set on being an animator to be honest, I do love most science and tech and Cyber Security is really fun.  After the blogging session we’ll go to dinner, and after that Kinesiology (I honestly have no clue what that is) If I’m this tired the first day, I can’t imagine how tired I’ll be the rest of the week.

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