Why Don’t You Let Yourself Just Be Wherever You Are: Tech Trek Day 2

Last night I had a bad panic/anxiety attack, super homesick. I don’t think I’ve ever been that homesick actually, I was trying to stay calm 8 breaths in, 8 breaths out. For once in my life, the breathing didn’t work. Now I was really in a state of panic. I hurriedly messaged my mom on Discord “Hey, Um, I’ve never been this homesick I think I need to go home, maybe, please, help, please help, I’m going to cry” I won’t get into detail why I was panicking, for privacy reasons. She told me to talk to my dad, I messaged my dad the same message and he helped me calm down, I wiped a few tears off my face and went into the bathroom and sat down, he helped me figure out how to get to sleep. “Recite an episode of Steven Universe you know really well, it always works, duder.” I was out like a light.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, because of some stuff. Although, I’m getting a new roommate so that’s good. Okay, now to today’s schedule, first we had breakfast; which was good, I suppose. After that we had our core class, Cyber Security; a little more boring today, unfortunately. Lunch, After lunch we had an aviation class thingy, we didn’t do the simulation which made me sad. Then Goals For Girls, a setting goals class. Then we had Chemistry; we made some cool stuff, a bath bomb, florescent flashlights, etc. Then we had dinner, now we’re here, blogging. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get better sleep tonight.

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