Oof, I suppose

We haven’t done much yet today, we had a scavenger hunt in Cyber security, we won 3rd and got a lot of candy, like a lot.  We had to figure out the secret computer code thing and wow that was hard. We are going to lunch soon, I’ll probably just eat pizza again, honestly. I’m excited for the other things we’re doing. Especially the Lego Robots thing. We do shark dissection today. I don’t know if I’m excited or sad; The poor shark. I think we’re doing engineering today? That’ll be fun. I feel kinda better today I guess, only two days left.  Some of the people just really drive me insane, but whatever.


ED I T: The shark dissection was kinda bad the fumes gave me a migrain

the engineering was fun but I was blowing up the balloon and got light headed and had to sit down. The robots were super fun though !

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